December 04, 2023

Broom Leys win Gold Music Award!

Broom Leys Primary have become only the second school in the county to be awarded the Leicestershire Schools’ GOLD Music Mark this academic year! 

This award is presented to schools who go above and beyond to develop and deliver an outstanding music curriculum that strengthens pupils’ musical knowledge and provides each child with the opportunity to learn an instrument. 

In 2022-23, Gold Music Marks were only given to three Leicestershire schools and, this year, prior to Broom Leys, only one other school had achieved this! 

Assessors from Leicestershire Music were full of praise for the structure of the curriculum, noting that it “has evolved significantly and reflects a wide breadth of experience at a highly ambitious level. 

“Music is a ‘leveller’ where all pupils can access the lessons fully and develop their skills and knowledge across a range of musical elements,” they added. 

The strong promotion of music at Broom Leys is such that, this academic year, over half of the pupils in Key Stage 2 are learning a musical instrument. This is either through whole-class lessons in Year 3, or individual lessons in Years 4, 5 and 6, where they can choose to learn either the guitar, piano, keyboard, drums, flute or the clarinet. 

Throughout the school, pupils also have the opportunity to participate in choirs who then perform at both at Carol Concerts and Summer Concerts. 

Many of these musical opportunities are arranged by Mrs Goldring who, alongside her duties as Year 3 teacher, is also the school’s Music-led. 

The assessors were full of praise for the considerable efforts she has gone to weave a passion for music throughout the school. 

“It really looks like you put your heart and soul into music,” they commented. 

Congratulations to both staff and students for this amazing achievement!