Music Lessons

Instrumental Tuition  

From Year 4 onwards, children have the opportunity to have instrumental tuition at Broom Leys. Tutors (a majority of whom are associates of the Leicestershire Schools Music Service) come into school and provide 20 or 30 minute lessons to individuals or small groups of children on a weekly basis. These tutors will liaise directly with parents, and fees will be paid directly to them as well.  

If you wish your child to be considered for instrumental tuition, please complete this form** and return it to school.  Your contact details will then be passed on to the tutors who will contact you personally and give you further information about the lessons they offer.  

You are not making a commitment at this stage, but please consider very carefully whether this is something your child is really interested in doing. They would need to attend lessons in school time and would need to practise every day at home. Learning to play an instrument is great fun, but it is hard work too and needs lots of time, commitment and support from parents/guardians. 

Tuition available: 

Fife tuition (the children progress to the flute) or Clarinet tuition.

(NB second set of teeth must be established.)

Beginners in groups of 4+ £4.50 for 30 mins


Non-beginners in groups of 3 £6.50 for 30 mins


Non-beginners in groups of 2 £6.50 for 20 mins


Individual lesson £10.70 for 20 mins

Keyboard or Piano tuition.

Group lesson £6.50

(length oflesson varies depending on group size)


Individual lesson £11.90 for 20 mins

Guitar tuition

Group lesson (4 children) £6 for 30 mins 

Please note that you would need to arrange the hire or purchase of an instrument for your child. This can be discussed with the appropriate tutor when they contact you in the summer. 

Useful Documents
Music Lesson Tuition Form